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New ‘Buffalo Christmas’ video

Photo courtesy of Flickr / Christopher S. Penn

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Around this time last year, YouTube video “A Buffalo Christmas” began making its rounds on locals’ Facebook walls and in ex-pats’ (myself included) Twitter feeds.

This year, songwriters Mark and Jay Desiderio have re-released the song—sung by Derek Higgins—on YouTube Monday with updated imagery to reflect the new year that’s since passed.

“To me there is no Christmas if there ain’t no snow, that’s why I’m driving through the night, home to Buffalo,” the first line of the song goes. I hear that. I spent plenty of nights and early mornings driving from Syracuse just to spend quality holiday time in Buffalo with family and friends.

It might seem novel to have a holiday song about a specific hometown, but that’s not entirely the case. A little Internet searching proved that other singers and songwriters have praised the Queen City in holiday songs.

Photo courtesy of Flickr / Christopher S. Penn

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