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'One More' by Jeremy DeBottis

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When new novelist Jeremy DeBottis was penning the pages of “One More,” he couldn’t help but be inspired by his former stomping grounds in Buffalo.

The Syracuse-area dentist lived in Buffalo for a few years while studying dentistry at UB, and the sites—even scents—around the Queen City influence in the setting of his brand new comedic novel.

“There’s actually a scene that takes place in Merlin’s—or what’s supposed to be Merlin’s,” DeBottis said of the old Elmwood watering hole replaced by the Blue Monk. “A guy goes up a dingy set of stairs, and the awning that’s destroyed from a storm”—those are some of the finer details that may be familiar to the Buffalo set that once graced the bar stools and/or tiny stage that existed at the top of the stairs.

There’s an unnamed purple coffee shop, and the smell of Cheerio’s wafts in the air—images and experiences all too familiar to the Buffalonian.

“One More,” a self-published book available through Amazon and at smaller local bookstores, is all about the unfortunate events that occur in wannabe veterinarian Jack Falcone’s life as he awaits word of his veterinary school acceptance. He’s wait-listed at most schools to which he’s applied, hoping that one fictitious Buffalo university will offer him a spot in the class.

Spending mornings at the gym, days working at the zoo and evenings studying, Falcone’s life spirals downward after running into one key character, Adam Buckminster, at the gym.

From the Facebook page description:

“Only with the help of the massive Brock Steele and the self-proclaimed knight Wallace Claymore can Jack hope to get things back to normal. A witty, unbelievable tromp through the streets of Buffalo, New York ensues that forces the trio to dance the magical line between science and myth.”

The book, DeBottis said, is a comedy “not meant to be taken seriously at all.” He described it further as “one of those things where a lot of the little sidebars in the book are things that happen in life—to all of us—and when you tell your friends, everybody laughs.”

For a chance to win a copy of “One More,” enter this book giveaway. “One More” is also for sale on Amazon.com for $10.99.


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