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The Fray to headline UB’s Fall Fest

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Parachute soars to Babeville for “good-looking musician night”

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The YouTube video comments about Parachute lead singer Will Anderson make me pretty uncomfortable.  “She is Love,” which has accumulated over 4 million views, boasts a most-liked comment that reads “damn, his sexy lips,” while “Under Control”‘s most-liked comment is “his eyes are sooooo blue.”  Relax on the crazed hormones, folks.

If you’re in the mood to gaze and salivate over a pop/rock singer, then I suppose Friday night would be your opportunity.  With doors opening at 7 p.m. at Babeville, formerly the Ninth Ward, Parachute and Kate Voegele fill out the bill.  Parachute has toured with big names recently—they came to Darien Lake with the Goo Goo Dolls and Michelle Branch this summer as part of the Goos’ Inner Machine Tour—and aren’t too far from making the ego-altering transition from opener to headliner. 

The five-piece band hails from Charlottesville, Virginia, where the majority of the band members met as high schoolers.  Until 2008, Parachute went by “Sparky’s Flaw,” which I think is a much more exciting name than their current moniker. 

Voegele, who absolutely falls under the “cute” category, is actually a regular “One Tree Hill” guest actress who’s already released three full length albums; her most recent is Gravity Happens.  She’s humorously labeled her tour with Parachute as “Parakate,” which, if you’re straining your brow in confusion, is a combination of PARA-chute and KATE Voegele. 

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