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Parquet Courts ready to light it up in Buffalo

Parquet Courts are coming to Buffalo.

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Parquet Courts, a Brooklyn-based, self-professed Americana punk outfit, are coming to town.

The buzzworthy four-piece—whose 2012 album, ‘Light Up Gold,’ earned an impressive 8.0 review from the notoriously fickle reviewers at Pitchfork.com—are slated for an 8 p.m. show on Wednesday at Buffalo’s Tralf Music Hall.

Advance tickets are $10 and can be purchased online.

Local bands Second Trip and The Merchants will open the show.

Starting their musical career as the brainchild of Andrew Savage, the songwriter and founding member of the bands Fergus & Geronimo and Teenage Cool Kids, Parquet Courts emerged into the indie scene in 2011 with musicians Austin Brown on guitar, Sean Yeaton on bass and Max Savage on drums.

Drawing from a wide-array of influences ranging from Bob Dylan to Sonic Youth to Pavement, the fledging rockers released their official debut recording, American Specialties, in a limited supply of cassette tapes until its eventual vinyl reissue on Pinball! Records.

In a review for Impose Magazine, writer Luke Carrel commented on the band’s debut effort:

“While the oblique lyrics, abundant guitar riffing, and feedback can call to mind any number of incestuous indie rock touchpoints, the band insists on unexpected and often dissonant touches. … Parquet Courts is definitely a band that’s more into writing songs and making them what they’re supposed to be than finding a solid, dogmatic sound.”

In 2012, the punk group released Light Up Gold, their full-length sophomore album and their first recording to be widely-distributed through Brooklyn record label, What’s Your Rupture.

Pitchfork’s Paul Thompson noted that the album “...finds Parquet Courts looking to breakout through any available means: intense reflection, resin hits, or rock’n'roll,” adding:

“Their tangent-prone music flits, not always smoothly, between skittish post-punk and bedhead-riddled indie rock, a knot of Silkworm-inspired guitar tangles and insistent Wire tempos. It’s wound tight but fraying at the edges. They’re smart but they don’t always act it. They could probably play these songs a little better if they wanted to. They’re very funny, but not the kind of funny that makes you laugh much. They contradict themselves constantly. They probably wait until the afternoon to shower.”



Addressing the meaning behind the album’s title in a 2013 interview with The Fader, Andrew Savage said, “That’s something that has to be really open to interpretation, or else it loses its magic, because it means something to me but it might not mean the same thing to someone who’s listening to the songs. … A lot of the music is about the passing of time and having to be patient and knowing that there’s something that you need or that you’re looking for and that it needs to be found.”

For more details on Wednesday’s show, visit the Tralf website.

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  1. Keith Szczygiel June 26, 2013 @ 9:05am

    Awesome, yet another band I’d like to see that the promoter at the Tralf, ESI, waits until the day before to promote…I’m even on their e-mail list.  They suck!

    Keith Szczygiel's avatar