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Peanut Brittle Satellite headlines Kenyan fundraiser tonight at Nietzsche’s

Peanut Brittle Satellite headline a fundraiser tonight at Nietzsche's.

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The Good Neighborhood is always up to something. In the interest of sharing their latest news about tonight’s benefit for the rural central Kenyan town of Nyahururu (and in the interest of getting outside and not working all afternoon), here is their press release:

While New York City native Henry Klion was on his way to earning a Management degree from University at Buffalo in 2010, the friendships he made led him to travel to India and Kenya on behalf of Hope for Hope, a nonprofit organization with the goal of providing access to clean water, proper nutrition, safe shelter, and elementary education to children worldwide. In returning to Buffalo to share his experiences with friends and rally to raise funds to build a dormitory and to establish a water connection for the Little Drops Children’s Home in Kenya, Klion inspired friend and Peanut Brittle Satellite (PBS) guitarist Zack Mikida to team with The Good Neighborhood in presenting a benefit concert with a busy bill.

On Saturday, July 14, at Nietzsche’s (248 Allen St, door at 9pm, $5), instrumental jazz-prog-rockers PBS will headline a two-stage affair also featuring the raucous rock duo A Hotel Nourishing, newly-named organ funk trio Gonzai, country-punk duo Katie Panfil & Andrew J. Reimers, and a late-night drum jam with the Slyboots School of Music & Art, the latter fresh off of their own trip to Africa. In addition to receiving proceeds from the cover charge, Klion has collected custom-designed skateboards donated by local artists and outlets which will be sold at the event. Now a director at Hope for Hope, Klion will hand-deliver proceeds upon his September return to the rural Central Kenyan town of Nyahururu. 

Nyahururu is an agricultural hub that grows standard food crops as well as flowers for export markets. This area, which borders the Rift Valley Province, is subject to the same high levels of orphaned and vulnerable children as other parts of rural Kenya, primarily due to HIV/AIDS and other diseases, general poverty, and to a lesser extent the ethnic conflicts associated with the 2008 post-election violence. These factors, combined with everyday living costs rising steadily above the average family’s income, have made the implementation of aid for children a critical necessity. Little Drops has acquired five acres of land in Nyahururu and is working to transform it into a home for 40 orphaned and needy children.

“Zack Mikida is both a leader and a man of character – he’s quite the character, actually,” said Seamus Gallivan, founder of The Good Neighborhood. “We are all answering his call to support Henry and his work with Hope for Hope and Little Drops in Kenya, and we’re going to have a blast in doing so.”

For more information on Hope for Hope, visit www.hopeforhope.org; to learn more about Henry Klion and the Buffalo connections that led him overseas, and for a daily dose of the greater good, stay tuned to www.thegoodneighborhood.com.

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