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Podcast update: On hip-hop holograms

Phil Dzikiy:

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Did you see the Tupac hologram at Coachella? Was your mind freaking blown or did you actively avoid the seemingly unavoidable video? Was this an amazing act of science, a tasteless exploitation of a dead artist or just some corny attempt to create buzz? Hip-hop holograms are on the stand this week on In Pod Form, Buffalo’s most intelligent podcast.

Also this week on In Pod Form (back after last week’s episode was accidentally erased by chagrined co-host Kevin Purdy): a debate on who is currently America’s sweetheart; the audience-building paradox of the now-infamous In Pod Form “Lost Podcast;”  Instagram; the Titanic iceberg; and much more. All of this info is packed into 30:28. You have a half-hour to kill, don’t you? It’s worth it.

Listen to the podcast now.

Also: congratulations to co-host Phil Dzikiy, who is on the cusp of fatherhood. Stay tuned!

Photo from Flickr / evsmitty.

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