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‘Pop Up Video’ is back

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Back in 1996, VH1 premiered a program that allowed viewers an inside look at music videos, but then the show went dark a few years later. Well, there’s good news for music video fiends: “Pop Up Video” will make its glorious return to VH1 in the fall.

“I have sat on the sidelines for the last decade and watched as everyone and the brother has ripped off Pop Up in some way or another with the internet coming out of nowhere and Twitter being hauntingly familiar and all of these devices that are using snarky, pithy text,” Woody Thompson, the shows co-creator, told the Hollywood Reporter.

Speaking of Twitter, Thompson said the new era of “Pop Up Video” will include user-generated content from social networks. And—another big change—the show will now include rap and hip-hop, genres previously off limits to VH1 because they were more in line with sister-channel MTV’s programming.

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NKOTB, BSB play HSBC. Want free tickets?

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