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Purity Ring booked for Town Ballroom, covers Soulja Boy

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If Canadian duo Purity Ring truly reflects futuristic pop, we’re eager to witness the evolution of the genre.

Megan James and Corin Roddick, who both laid roots in the punk scene of Edmonton, Alberta, have Purity Ring on the national rise at a rapid rate. The electro-pop band announced its tour dates earlier this week, and Buffalo’s Town Ballroom is on the schedule for April 3.

Tickets go on sale Friday and are $15 pre-sale or $17 day-of-show. You can order them by calling 1-888-223-6000 or stopping by Town Ballroom or After Dark Entertainment’s office space at 630 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo. They can be also ordered online through After Dark.

The band’s popularity has stemmed from the release of its 2012 debut album “Shrines,” which is oft-described as both “dream-like” and “haunting.” During its present tour, Purity Ring sold out Webster Hall in New York City last month and will visit Australia and England for shows before returning to the U.S.

There’s very little that’s traditional about Purity Ring—aside from Roddick’s synthetic hooks and James’ soothing vocals—as the band’s tracks are all one-word combinations of several words, and they often don’t make sense. Examples like “Obedear” (Oh, but dear) and “Belispeak” (Belly, speak) distinguish the band in cleverness—and perhaps oddity—but that’s not too shocking in light of James’ description of the Edmonton scene of her youth as “a bunch of weird teenagers.”

In the video above, Purity Ring covers “Grammy” by Soulja Boy, an impeccably different but still recognizable rendition that amplifies James’ vocals and Roddick’s creativity and production—all on his tree-shaped, illuminated-lamp-cover contraption of an instrument.

Read through Pitchfork’s interview from 2011 to learn more context behind the band’s start.

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