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Queen City Bucket List: Run a 5K Race


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How many times can you say rad before it gets old? At the Color Me Rad 5K Run there is no such thing.

From rad runners to rad volunteers, I cannot even begin to count the amount of times that word echoed throughout the crowd.  By the time you finish reading this blog post it will either be your new favorite word, or you will never want to hear it again (if you’re the latter I apologize in advance).

If you have not figured it out by now, the second item I crossed off on my summer bucket list was participating in a 5K race. The Color Bomb Squad has been dying runners different shades of the rainbow since 2012, and last Saturday they finally introduced their rad world to a sold-out Buffalo crowd. 

Coming from a family of marathoners, I am considered the black sheep, which is why my not so ultra-competitve spirit made me the perfect candidate for this race.

Never in my life have I seen so many people happy to be awake at 8:00 am.  Hundreds of runners and walkers frolicked the lawn of Darien Lake, snapping Instagram pictures for the classic before and after look. As you can see I was one of those people.

Before Shot After Shot

The course itself was nothing to brag about.  However, the crowd did not seem too concerned.  After all most of them were more focused on getting pelted by colored corn-starch than they were on breaking a record.  At every 1k we were greeted by volunteers who gladly sacraficed their morning to transform our white clothes into the perfect rave attire. 

At one station participants were even encouraged to lie down and roll through the paint. Of course I had no problem obliging. By the end of the tunnel it looked as though I was bleeding orange, and for all of you fellow Syracuse Orangemen reading this, you can understand my level of excitement!

By the time we reached the finish line everyone was covered from head to toe and ready to hit the showers.  Yet this race was not just about painting the town rad.  All the proceeds from the event went to the Special Olympics New York program, including a $75 donation for every volunteer.

Color Bomb Squad paint

If you did not get a chance to make it to this 5k do not fret. This summer is jam-packed with races and here is a list to help you get started:

Independence Run and Clambake - July 6 at Newstead Public Library, Akron
Old Home Days 5K - July 11 at Village Town Hall, Williamsville
Buffalo Subaru Chase - July 19 at Bidwell near Elmwood, Buffalo
Run for Rover - July 21 at LaSalle Park, Buffalo
Mud Run - August 5 at Erie County Reforestation Refuge, Boston
The Color Run (Color Me Rad’s cousin) - August 17 at Buffalo Canalisde, Buffalo
Celtic Challenge 4 Mile Run - August 23 at Riverfest Park, Buffalo
Tomato Trot 5K - August 25 at Evangola State Park, Irving

For a rad look at the crowd, watch the video I took post-race:


Check out my previous adventure water biking along the canalside, and stay tuned for what I mark off next on the Queen City Bucket List.

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