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Bittersweet day for Victoria Justice! Live at Erie County Fair tonight, but TV show cancelled

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Rowdy rides at the Fair - VIDEO

Erie County Fair

blog by Kathryn Przybyla  • 

(Take note: all rides listed are available to single riders—you know, in case you’re the only adventurous one in your group.)

The Zyklon:

Kat’s comments: Always a fan of roller-coasters, I thought the Zyklon would be a pretty entertaining ride. A considerably smaller version of a coaster, I joined three 10 year-old girls who were also looking for a bit of a thrill on Friday afternoon. A seat-belt buckle apparatus held both passengers in the two-person seat and probably could have been a bit tighter. An anticipating climb to the top, the first few drops were a little less intense than I had imagined, but still gave you a weightless feeling for a half-second.

Conclusion: This would be a good ride for youngsters looking for a toned down and mini-version of the Superman: Ride of Steel at Darien Lake.

The Cliff Hanger:

Kat’s comments: Never a fan of rides that spin you in continuous motion, the Cliff Hanger was just that—I was feeling adventurous. Laying flat on your stomach gave a cool “superhero feeling” for the first few spins and you have plenty of bars to hold on to. You’re pretty locked into this one, with no feeling of falling—just kind of gliding nicely through the air. Although by the time the ride stopped, my two accompanying flyers were a little dizzy walking towards the exit.

Conclusion: Provided a cool birds-eye view of the Fair, but not for those who don’t do well on spinning rides.

The Space Roller

Ben T.‘s comments: To preface, this is the first roller coaster I’ve been on in at least five years, so I have few preconceived notions. Sure, this ride was 12 tickets—a few more than most of the fair rides—but it was undeniably the most intense. With a plastic harness sealing you safely in place, the Space Roller sends you swerving backwards, twisting upside-down and coasting downwards at break-neck speed. Call me an untested wimp—there’s probably merit to that—but I clenched my legs so tightly that they felt like jello shortly after.

Conclusion: For thrill-seeking adults with no worries about flipping upside down and spinning in unexpected directions, this ride is apt.

Space Roller

The Fire Ball

Ben T.‘s comments: Thinking I was a tough guy after the Space Roller, I met the fury of the Fire Ball and was promptly put to shame by the two girls across from me who were 1/4 of my age. But they were so courageous! Anyhow, there’s a little more “give” in the harness with the Fire Ball compared to the Space Roller, and when you’re careening upside-down and backwards at the same time, you’re clinging to anything within arms distance. The most intense part is when the Fire Ball lurches to a stop at the top of the circle, and you’re suspended upside down, high in the air—just hanging there, helplessly.

Conclusion: If you don’t like being upside down and still while high in the air, I’d look elsewhere. 

Fire Ball


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