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Ryan Gosling: Patron Saint of Southern Ontario

blog by S.J. Velasquez  • 

This is very hipster of me to say, but I’ve been a Ryan Gosling fan since he was on the Mickey Mouse Club. Yet even I failed to celebrate the cheeky stud muffin’s Southern Ontario beginnings.

The Canadian dreamboat is making quite a name for himself in America, especially with a growing list of Hollywood blockbusters on his resume, including “Drive” in theaters now and getting glowing reviews. And there was that New York City street fight that Gosling heroically broke up a few weeks ago.

Still, Gosling is a proud Canadian. In the video below, courtesy of MTV, Gosling brings us back to his London, Ontario, roots (haha—no, that wasn’t a Roots joke) and schools us in proper Canadian pronunciation of “poutine,” and he is not ashamed of the fact that he is wearing flannel at any given moment.

And to think I’ve been saying “poo-teen” all these years, living just a short drive from Gosling’s hometown.

There are so many stalker-ish thoughts running through my mind now.

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