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Screening tonight: Buffalo’s 48-hour film project

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Creating an inspiring and entertaining film takes years of preparation, just ask any big-time movie producer. But for these aspiring filmmakers, they only had 48 hours.

The 48-hour film project will showcase the finished products of its Buffalo competition from 7 to 9:30 p.m. tonight at the Market Arcade Film & Arts Center.

According to the 48-hour film project,

Filmmaking teams from throughout the Buffalo area successfully completed a weekend of filmmaking. Films were due on Sunday, August 5 and the last few minutes before the deadline saw filmmakers, operating on little sleep and lots of adrenaline, rushing to get their films in on time.

Screenings for Group B’s creations will include the following participants:
Buck N Doe Film Werks, Emil Novak
does little productions, Aaron Doolittle
Freedom, Michael Mitri
Hate This Team, David Jackson
Idle Entertainment, Matthew Lorentz
MakeShift Studios, John Scherer
Man Alive! Films, David Flanagan
ollagnod, Don Gallo
Permanent Inc., Justin Dise
Project Sandbox, Jerry Theresanathan
Three Pint Productions, Bob Potozniak

Tickets for the screening tonight are $9 for adults, $6.50 for seniors and $7 for children and students. For more information on the 48-hour film project, check out their website.

Here is a teaser from one of tonight’s films, “Hot Air.”

Hot Air Teaser from MakeShift Studios on Vimeo.

Photo courtesy of Facebook.

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