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Settin’ records: OAR to break Coors Light Wednesday mark again?

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(Update: Judging from this tweet (@OfaRevolution), O.A.R. appears to be cutting it close at the airport. Hopefully they’ll arrive on time this evening!)

Easily the most highly-anticipated of Artpark’s Coors Light Wednesday lineup this summer, O.A.R. has earned the hype through its growing loyalty to the Western New York area.

For the third straight summer, the Maryland-based jam band will roll into Western New York, assured that it’ll draw a crowd. Harkening back to the Buffalo News’ Seamus Gallivan’s review from last year’s show in Lewiston, you’ll recall that a Coors Light Wednesday record 7,000+ people attended Of A Revolution.

Tonight’s free show begins with Rebelution at 6:15 p.m. with the headliner taking the stage at 7:45 p.m., an early time due to O.A.R.‘s preference for longer shows.

“The reggae-tinged pop-rock of O. A. R. delivered what was expected — a college-like scene reflective of the band’s core crowd, dotted with the demographics of the VH1 audience the group has been courting with recent records,” Gallivan wrote in his piece.

If last Saturday’s show in Saratoga Springs is any indication, O.A.R.‘s horn section is thriving, writes Lucian McCarty of the Saratogian. Adding trumpet and trombone to the well-documented work of saxophonist Jerry DePizzo (see vid below), the variety of sounds, soloists and constantly-changing set list often leads to a hearty concert experience.

After releasing its 2011 album King, O.A.R. can now lay claim to eight studio albums since its formation as a band in Rockville, Md., and Ohio State University in the mid-‘90s. Marc Roberge, Chris Culos, Richard On, DePizzo and Benj Gershman lead the way, while Evan Oberla (trombone) and Jon Lampley (trumpet) have toured with the band since last summer.


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