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Signs of Spring in Buffalo

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Spring is right around the corner in Western New York. Unlike the rest of America that depends on a groundhog retreating—or not retreating—to its hole for its springtime heads-up, we recognize the onset of the spring season in different ways. Here are a few telltale signs that spring is on its way:

1. It’s warmer. It’s currently about 50 degrees, according to my computer. That doesn’t mean much in a place where snow will fall in May if Mother Nature’s particularly moody on a given day. But the reminder that our temps can actually surpass 42 degrees is still sign that fills our cold Buffalo hearts with hope.

2. Dairy Queen is open. OH, YOU DIDN’T KNOW? My friends on Facebook have been reminding me repeatedly. My uncle even posted a picture from his cell phone of Dairy Queen on Abbott Road. Notice the grimy melted snow along the side of the road. Speaking of which…

3. Grimy melted snow. This is Buffalo at its ugliest. The pure white blanket of snow turns to muck, only to reveal months of dog poop and garbage. I took the photo to the left outside of my apartment. I’m not even sure how these pop cups event ended up lodged in the snow in such a peculiar position. Oh, the marvels of nature revealed in melting snow!

4. Shamrock Shake! We’re waiting patiently, McDonald’s. Where is our beloved toothpaste-flavored frozen mush cup? You can actually track the Shamrock Shake around the world. ShamrockShake.com lets you report Sham-shake sightings and monitor availability in your area.

5. The smell of Cheerios wafting through the city’s southern region. The rest of America only gets a hint of Cheerios aroma immediately after opening a box of the General Mills classic. In Buffalo, we smell freshly baked Cheerios.

What else reminds you of spring in Buffalo? Leave a comment or let us know on Facebook or Twitter (@buffalodotcom).

Photo courtesy of Tom Finn, via Facebook.

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