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St. Patrick’s Day Sneaky Steppers

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Creators of last year’s insanely popular Irish dance flashmob video are back with another stealth video, and they hope Ellen Degeneres takes notice.

The Sneaky Steppers, a street crew made up of dancers from Hammerstep—an Irish dance infusion show with emphasis on cross-cultural dialogue—created this recent ambush dance video just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, with the hope that “Ellen” host Degeneres will feature the video on her show as part of the “Ellen’s Dance Dare” segment.

Hidden inside the skin-tight Irish-themed body suits are world-class Irish dancers Chris Naish, Jason Oremus and Garrett Coleman. Full disclosure: the guys are very dear friends to Buffalo.com, and they’re especially chummy with our Sweetfind sheep mascot, who also happens to have some curious Irish dance moves:

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