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Stacy Clark keeps making moves

The Unsinkable Stacy Clark.

blog by Ben Kirst  • 

Stacy Clark is awesome.  Stacy Clark is a Western New York gal who was onstage at Nietzsche’s by the time she was 15, running the show on the Buffalo State soccer field as a college freshman, and touring the coffeehouses of America as a solo artist at an age when most of us were moving out of the dorms and back into mom’s house. 

Stacy Clark has been a featured artist on MTV and iTunes, has landed songs in the Billboard HeatSeekers chart, and won the Orange County Award for Best Pop Artist in 2011.  When she left Buffalo, she even moved someplace warm.  Living the dream!  Three cheers for Stacy Clark.

What does Stacy Clark sound like?  Imagine a messy PB&J sandwich of jangly folk and bouncing piano mushed together with crackling electro-pop topped with the sweet strawberry jam that is the Stacy Clark vocal instrument.  Take a listen.

Anyhow, here’s an update from Stacy Clark’s recent email listserv:

“Tonight (ed. note - June 5…our bad)  you can hear my song ‘Closer’ on Showtime’s The Real L Word.  June 12th they will be using my song ‘Hello Again’ in another episode for the show.”

In addition:

“I am looking forward to hitting the road in July. I will be touring 20 days to different cities throughout the United States. I have been updating my myspace calendar as dates get confirmed. I will soon have the details posted for 2 day residency with my band August 1 & 2 in Las Vegas. Very exciting.”

No dates listed for Buffalo yet, as most of the shows are West Coast-y. 

She wraps up the letter:

“Hope your are doing well.”

Stacy Clark uses the word “your” wrong!  Even her misspellings are awesome. 



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