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Steve Aoki, Datsik bring Deadmeat Tour to Buffalo

Fathers, hide your daughters -- Aoki is coming to town.

blog by Ben Kirst  • 

Celebrity DJ Steve Aoki can be kind of an easy target for haters.

He grew up privileged in Southern California. He’s popular with fluorescent-clad teenagers and the celebutante set, groups that are also the focus of cultural ire. Musically, he spins what the Los Angeles Times refers to as “decadent electonica” and his latest album, Wonderland, features guest appearances from Rivers Cuomo, will.i.am, Travis Barker and Lil’ Jon—has the music world ever assembled a quartet that could more satisfyingly receive a Three Stooges-style quadruple smack across the chops?

Throw in the fact that the long-haired, mustachioed Aoki seemingly has his photo taken shirtless at massive parties and/or in the company of unfathomably attractive ladies on a daily basis and yes, it is not very difficult to hate on Steve Aoki.  Not very difficult at all.

But say this for the fortunate son: he has made a legitimate impact on music and pop culture. Aoki used his money and influence to create the Dim Mak record label as a teenager in the mid-1990s, opening the door for critically-acclaimed acts like The Gossip, The Kills and The Klaxons. And while Aoki may be over the top, but he’s over the top in a way that seems really, really fun—he has his own line of headphones, he has been featured in video game soundtracks and he owns a Korean restaurant in LA with a few cast members from That ‘70s Show and the lead singer of The Strokes.

OK, Steve Aoki may not be the most serious artist in the world, or the most respected DJ on the club circuit, but he is living the life and bringing insane amounts of enjoyment to kids around the country. Are those terrible things? If you or I were in the $2,000 sneakers of Kid Millionaire, would we do it any differently?

Probably. Anyhow, Aoki will bring his Deadmeat Tour to the Queen City of the Lakes for a 7 p.m. show on Tuesday, Feb. 28 at Town Ballroom (681 Main St., Buffalo). He will be joined by Canadian dubstep DJ Datsik. Tickets are $30. If you take five minutes to wipe that cynical smirk off your face, you will probably have a hell of a time.

Photo from Facebook.

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  1. Opu Shaon June 16, 2012 @ 6:55am

    Steve Aoki!! He is really a popular person among all the kids all over the world. I appreciate him. Thanks for sharing a bit of impression about him.

    Opu Shaon's avatar