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SUNY rocks it out to new anthem - VIDEO

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In an effort to send students a positive message for attending college, it looks like SUNY has enlisted the help of Albany alum, B. Martin.

Making a name for himself in the college rap scene, Martin signed with Phase One Network, a label distributed through Sony /RED. Shortly after, he released his highly anticipated mix CD “Ladies & Gentlemen” & “B. Martin: Pre-Mixtape” to rave reviews, according to his Facebook page.

The rapper has even opened shows for big name artists including Snopp Dogg, Lupe Fiasco, Mac Miller, Jadakiss, J Cole, Fabolous, Steve Aoki and Young Jeezy.

B. Martin was more than thrilled to share his latest project with the SUNY community in a Facebook post on Wednesday.

After 6 months of preparation and hard work, SUNY and I present ‘The SUNY Anthem.’ It is not the typical ‘rap’ song—but it is a positive message, influencing the youth to go to college. It will be released to SUNY’s 500,000 students today, and another 125,000 freshman every single year hereafter. It will be played at SUNY’s graduations, on their radio stations, at football, basketball and other sporting events, As well as streamed on their TV stations on all 64 campuses. I feel Honored that SUNY chose me to represent their school as an alumnus, and trusted me enough to do something that’s quite different for them. Just a moderate step to where I need to be as an artist, but definitely a step in the right direction. Thank you to everybody who has supported me thus far!

Take a look at the full video below.

Photo courtesy of Youtube.

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  1. Ben Kirst February 28, 2013 @ 6:44pm

    As a proud SUNY alumnus, I am not happy with this.

    Ben Kirst's avatar