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Tech N9ne promises a party, not a concert - INTERVIEW

Photo Courtesy of Tech N9ne's Facebook

blog by Morgan Culhane  • 

Tech N9ne says his performance will be so hyperactive it’ll leave fans drained.

“It’s going to be a party not a concert,” Tech N9ne said. Head to his show at 7 p.m. on Oct. 19 at Town Ballroom, 681 Main St., Buffalo.

Buffalo.com chatted with the happily-peculiar musician before he comes to the ballroom about the start of his rap career, his career plans and his advice for aspiring rappers.

Check out his responses below:

BUFFALO.COM: When did you first realize you wanted to become a rapper?

TECH N9NE: I wanted to be a psychiatrist at first. By seventh grade, I knew I had something special because I was different from all the other rappers in school, I was fast-paced and everyone else was slow-paced. I knew back then in ’85 that I wanted to do this, but I had no idea that it would work.

Thank the Lord it did because I knew I had something special, because if I didn’t have something special, I wouldn’t still be on the incline this late in life, at 41.

BDC: Who are your musical influences and what inspires you?

T9: Public Enemy, NWA and The Doors are my influences. I use my life as my inspiration.

BDC: What separates you from other artists?

T9: I’m a black rapper with face paint, I wear hospital scrubs on stage, and I used to have red spiked hair. That’s not normal in hip-hop. I am ambidextrous. I come left, come right, come up, come down, come twisting around. I’m schizophrenic in rhyme. I’m changeable and I’m everything in one.

BDC: You’d rather be strange than to conform to industry norms. Why?

T9: I was born different. I’m not ever going to conform for any amount of money. I’m 41 years old, and I’m still kicking it like I’m 19. I got here crazy. I’m going to get out of here crazy.

BDC: What obstacles did you have to overcome to succeed in the industry?

T9: I am still overcoming obstacles because of my imagery. People called me a devil worshiper back in the day because of my imagery. People judge a book by its cover all the time without even reading it. That’s what people did, but now they started listening and a lot more people come to my shows.

BDC: What are your impressions of being named one of Forbes’ Cash Kings?

T9: It didn’t surprise me because I knew how much money I make, but I just didn’t want everyone to know it. I’m the kind of person, if I won the lottery I wouldn’t want people to know because it invites ants to a picnic. It makes ex-girlfriends and family members you don’t even talk to anymore call you [out of the blue].

BDC: Financial success is hard to stumble upon in the music industry. How have you sustained it?

T9: It’s an amazing feat as an independent artist. That’s us flexing our muscles saying look at us with no video and no radio, look what we got. I don’t take it for granted; it’s a blessing.

BDC: Who was one of your favorite artists you got to work with on ‘Something Else’?

T9: Serj Tankian (pictured, right) from System of a Down was a dream come true. It’s just so inspiring how calm he is, and I want to get there. It was wonderful working with him after being a fan of his music for years.

BDC: If you could collaborate with any other artist who would it be?

T9: I’d like to rap with Eminem because I think he’s a monster and I think I am as well. I’d like to see what I sound like right next to who I deem the best rapper.

BDC: What can fans expect from ‘Therapy’ when it comes out in Nov.?

T9: It’s going to be totally different because it’s my rock project. It’s full-on rock. It’s not going to sound like anything I’ve done before. I’m anxious to see what the fans will think.

BDC: What is your ultimate career goal?

T9: My goal is to tread every piece of this earth before I go. I still haven’t been to Hawaii, China, Japan, Budapest, Turkey and Africa. I have to go so many places and give all the people of the world Tech N9ne.

BDC: What advice do you have for aspiring rappers?

T9: You cannot be the only one that thinks you are dope. People have to agree. Have other people agree before you go and say you’re the best. Everybody thinks they’re dope, but everybody doesn’t have it.

By releasing 13 albums since his debut in the ‘90s, and considering his latest album debuted on Billboard’s top rap albums, Tech N9ne clearly is one of the lucky few that has it.

Tickets for Tech N9NE are $30 pre-sale and $35 at the door. To purchase tickets, visit tickets.com.

For more information about Tech N9NE’s Something Else tour, visit his website, and to pre-order his newest album set to release Nov. 5, visit http://strangemusicinc.net/.


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