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Tech N9ne to make Buffalo’s Tuesday terrific

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(Update: Correcting a previous Buffalo.com error, Roger Waters will perform at the First Niagara Center on June 21).

Rapper Tech N9ne, known for the mind-boggling speed of his verses, rolls into Town Ballroom for a 7 p.m. show Tuesday with Machine Gun Kelly as part of the Hostile Takeover Tour. Tickets are $25 in advance or $30 day of show.

In a whirlwind tour that takes him to 90 cities in 99 days, 41-year-old Tech N9ne isn’t a stranger to a busy travel schedule. He toured over 80 cities last year, and he tells QC Times’ David Burke that, “Toward the end of the 82, I started being disoriented and everything onstage. So we’ll see [about 90 cities].”

Tech N9ne’s name has reached new heights recently, partially due to greater exposure from collaborations with Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes.

The Detroit News praised opener Machine Gun Kelly in particular, as reviewer Adam Graham wrote:

Spicing things up on the bill was opening act Machine Gun Kelly, the “Wild Boy” Cleveland rapper who is signed to Diddy’s Bad Boy Records. MGK is a crazed ball of energy on stage, flailing around, jumping in circles and waving his arms in the air, but his material at this point is thin; outside of his mixtape output, he has only an EP to his name.

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