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Tessellating with Tokyo Police Club

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Tokyo Police Club powered through a 17-song set like seasoned veterans at the Soundlab on Saturday. The venue was filled to capacity as the Canadian indie quartet burst into a high-energy performance of tracks off their most recent album, Champ, as well as favorites from Elephant Shell and their early A Lesson in Crime EP.  Opening with “Favourite Colour,” lead vocalist and bassist Dave Monks’ distinct voice took over the room in an instant. Blasting into “Nature of the Experiment” and “Graves,” Tokyo Police Club ensured the audience they would not disappoint them with their first show in Buffalo since July.Monks’ boyish charm and witty banter added an extra element to the show. Dressed in a thick brown sweater and shiny black Doc Marten-style boots, the shaggy-haired rocker cheered on the Sabres and won over the crowd early on in the set. It was hard not to laugh when one overwhelmed fan yelled out “I want to have your babies!” and he replied with a curt “you can’t have them.”As promised by drummer Greg Alsop, the band kept the audience’s hands clapping and feet moving with “End of A Spark” and “In A Cave.” Monks introduced the fan favorite “Tessellate” calling it a “real banger” and shouted out ,“give me some enthusiasm, we just won the hockey game!”Keyboardist Graham Wright and guitarist Josh Hook took turns with a tambourine and playfully tossed it around the stage throughout the show. Monks stripped down to a hilarious t-shirt adorned with raccoons before they took on “Not Sick” and followed it up with the softer “Hands Reversed.”Crowd involvement has always been a standard part of Tokyo Police Club’s live performances and this show wasn’t any different. The crowd immediately clapped along with the infectious “Be Good” and “Citizens of Tomorrow” and roared during “Bambi.”Monks turned “Breakneck Speed” into a sing-a-long before ending the main set with “Wait Up (Boots of Danger)” and a fantastic rendition of “Your English is Good.” Wrapping up with an encore of “Frankenstein” and “Cheer It on,” Tokyo Police Club finished with a bang.Monks’ honest lyrics and the foursome’s apt musical skills were enhanced during their personalized live show. Seeing them in concert proves why they’ve consistently made progress since breaking into the indie rock music scene five years ago. The band is determined, talented and has the extra charisma rock fans thrive on.Tokyo Police Club will be touring Canada throughout April. Find out more about the band here.

———-Deandra Modica, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications

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