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The Albrights love Buffalo and so should you

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This weekend marks the first indiesound event, a showcase of local artists at venues throughout Buffalo’s Allentown neighborhood. While most bands will be playing in traditional settings such as bars and pubs, local rockers The Albrights will be performing on the back of the Buffalo Car Share truck as it makes its way throughout the city.

The Albrights are a local band through and through: all four members were born and raised in Buffalo and they all currently live in various places throughout the city. The band officially formed in 2009, but two of its members, Brandon Barry (guitar/vocals) and Joe Donohue (keyboards), began playing together in 2003, after they graduated high school.

The guys come from completely different musical backgrounds and this diversity, they say, has had an impact on their sound.  Before a show at Eights on Main on Wednesday night, The Albrights said their music is heavily influenced by The Beatles, punk music, Green Day, (Bob) Dylan, Stones, Madonna, Michael Jackson, 80s pop, Prince, (and) bluegrass. In fact, the first album Donohue bought was Mariah Carey’s “Music Box.” As it turns out, it doesn’t really matter under what genre the band is classified: their music is decidedly awesome.

In regard to their fashion sense, the guys said they don’t really have a specific style. “We’re not trying to define ourselves as some stylish band. We are the band you’ll see in the t-shirt we’ve been wearing for four days,” Barry said.  Bassist Matthew Crane, an aspiring visual artist, admitted that on most days he’s likely to be covered in paint or ink and that he doesn’t particularly care about what he looks like - “except for my hair,” he said.  “I am extremely vain about my hair.”

When asked if being from the area has had an influence on their style or music, the automatic answer was “Absolutely.” The band was not shy about proclaiming their love for Buffalo –  they said the city’s music and art scene is blowing up and that they are glad to be a part of it. Said Donohue, “People are realizing the accessibility and the value [of music] and that’s why I think Buffalo is taking a liking to us so far. They see that we’re not just skimming the surface, or superficial. We’re not trying to take over the scene so we can build up and get out of here. We are from Buffalo.”

Crane agreed: “We’re very much a part of the city as the city is a part of us and our music and our sound.”

The Albrights’ indiesound performance will begin Saturday, May 28 at noon on the Buffalo Car Share truck, followed by a show at The Eights Bistro (888 Main St., Buffalo) at 6 pm. To find out more about the band, visit www.thealbrightsband.com

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  1. Sher Grant Ockler May 26, 2011 @ 3:40pm

    Love you Guys….... Been following “The Albright’s”  way before they even Picked the name!!!!!! They are Growing by leaps and bounds…........Fan Forever…..You Rock,    Love, Sher

    Sher Grant Ockler's avatar