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From The New Pornographers' website, photo credit biancagarza.com.

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The New Pornographers are magnificently indie; they’re dead-set against anything artificial, processed and trendy, and they’re more than capable of fighting back.  The eight-piece Vancouver band continues its east coast swing—they played at Coachella only 10 days ago—with a show tonight at Buffalo’s Town Ballroom with New York City’s The Walkmen (7 p.m., $28 tickets). 

The New Pornographers’ bio on matadorrecords.com (Rick Moody) laments the current state of popular music, reading:

“There are no more interesting rock and roll bands, you know, there are opiate-addicted white boys who cannot play very well and who are unwilling to turn down the amplifiers so as to be heard, and there are machines and auto-tuned fembots, and there are hip hoppers with public-relations simulated gangster simulations, and there are working-class guys with a lot of tattoos who can play really, really fast. But there are no more interesting rock and roll bands, and there are no longer songs that make you want to get out of bed.”  Those aren’t the kindest lines we’ve read, but aren’t they accurate?

The bio ends rather wonderfully, clinging to the notion that The New Pornographers are the last genuine source of music, the lone nonconformists.  “Everything they (The New Pornographers) stand for is over, they are the last iteration, they are the bitter end, the sweet aftertaste of something intoxicating. And yet they believe in doing it, still, together. We are so much the better for it.”  Plus, we have a crush on vocalist Neko Case.

If you’re an indie music fiend, read more about tonight’s show over at BuffaBlog.  They know what they’re talking about, and they’re friendly to boot.

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