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The Buffalo Jills are the NFL’s best cheerleading squad

Photo courtesy of Facebook

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Now that the Bills’ season is over, fans still have one thing to be happy about—the Buffalo Jills are awesome.

In a voting poll hosted by the New England Sports Network, the website asked readers to vote for their favorite NFL cheering squad. The teams went head to head in match-ups, leaving the legendary Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders and the Buffalo Jills in the championship round.

Not only did the Buffalo Jills win, but they beat the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders by 9,000 votes. That is insane! Way to go girls on your complete domination of the Dallas Cowboys organization.

In honor of the girls’ accomplishment, here are a couple clips of the Buffalo Jills from this season! here is a video of the Jills dancing at the Bills vs. Broncos game in December.

Here is a video of the girls performing before the Bills vs. Patriots game from September.

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