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The top-10 list to end all top-10 lists

Top 10 lists: you know you love them.

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The end of every year brings countless top 10 lists from every conceivable outlet of media.  Why?  Because they’re easy.  Look, it’s the holidays.  No one wants to be at work.  Reporters could be out “hunting down stories” or they could patch together a bunch of semi-related events, slap a top 10 umbrella over them and promptly hustle off to the next holiday party with an open bar.  Who can blame them?  Not us.  That’s why we’re giving you the top 10 top-10 lists of 2011.

1. With the Mayan calendar about to expire, this list reminds us of other memorable, and clearly inaccurate, prophecies for the end of the world, including the dramatic May 21 prediction we all managed to suffer through this summer.

2. If you wanted to lose the support of about 99% of Americans this year, you criticized the Occupy Wall Street movement. This list reminds us of some of those less-than sympathetic speeches. Probably just a coincidence that these guys all had their houses mysteriously egged this year. 

3. Major face-palm for New York State: Chris Lee made the list for political fumbles this year when he appeared half-naked on Craig’s List. Put the guns away, Chris.

4. Sponsored by the letter ‘G’, this top ten list from Time Magazine gives us a look at the year through the eyes of a single consonant.  In other news, Time Magazine is getting progressively lazier.

5. Alright, so they weren’t minted in 2011, but the Buffalo nickel makes this year’s extremely competitive top 10 list for greatest American coin designs. Take that, Sacagawea!

6. Someone has actually taken the time to create a list of well-mannered stars. It would be dreadfully rude if we didn’t include it here.

7. Here is a great way to kill an afternoon when the only people at the office are you and the weird guy who collects grocery bags: It’s a list of 2011’s viral videos. From talking babies to Chuck Testa, 2011 was probably the best we’ve seen so far for YouTube uploads, views and general distraction from getting anything done.  Now teach your cat how to sing!  You could be YouTube-famous.

8.  It’s about time the most heartwarming moments of the WWE were compiled. Wait, what?

9.  Had it not been for social media, thought-leaders like Charlie Sheen and Rebecca Black may never have been able to touch the world with their own special insights. Take a look at what blew up your news feed this year.

10. For those who enjoy some less-than brilliant attempts at sarcasm, a top-10 list of reasons to dislike top-10 lists

So, there you have it—if you’re looking for an extremely effective time-waster, or just a run-down on what you missed, we’ve nailed these down as being your ultimate collective guide to the year 2011.

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