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The Tins & The Albrights set for Sam Roberts Band Salute

Photo of The Tins from their Facebook page

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If you can’t make the Sam Roberts Band concert tomorrow night at Artpark, there’s still a chance to catch a glimpse of his music performed by local musicians.  Rising stars The Tins and The Albrights—both favorites of our pals over at BuffaBlog—join opener Troop 556 on the bill tonight at Mohawk Place (9 p.m., $5).  All three bands will pay tribute to Sam Roberts’ contributions to indie rock and his respect for the Buffalo music scene.

“It’s not only one of the most flattering things to have someone cover your songs, but on a musical level, to hear other people’s interpretation of your material,” Roberts told The Good Neighborhood’s Seamus Gallivan.  “Our songs, as much as we bend them and keep them elastic, it’s still something of a fixed definition, but when you hand that over to somebody else, there’s free reign, and it’s amazing what they come up with sometimes.”  For Gallivan’s full conversation with Roberts, including the artist’s appreciation for Buffalo and some of his recent work, visit the link above.

The Tins, The Albrights and Troop 556 must all include at least one Sam Roberts Band cover within their sets.  Will the local bands choose a newer track like “I Feel You,” off Roberts’ newest album Collider, or re-purpose trusty hits like “Brother Down?”  Head over to Mohawk and see for yourself.

Additional resources on these Buffalo bands:

The Tins’ Facebook Page

The Albrights’ Facebook Page

Avery’s in-depth article on The Albrights before IndieSound.

BuffaBlog’s preview of tonight’s show.

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The Tins & The Albrights at Mohawk Place for Sam Roberts Band Salute

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