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“The World According to Paris” premieres tonight

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Tonight marks the premiere of Oxygen’s “The World According to Paris.” That’s right, everyone, Paris Hilton is back. Much to my dismay, the famous heiress once again has her own television show. As soon as 10 p.m. hits, be sure to switch the channel as far away from Oxygen as possible in order to avoid the horror that is sure to be “The World According to Paris.”

The show will feature Hilton in her day-to-day life of parties, getting her picture taken, brushing her hair and reading her fan mail – what a tough life she leads. While this type of show worked for her former friend Kim Kardashian, there is one major difference between the two women: Kim seems likeable and sweet, while Paris is hateful.

From watching the show’s preview, it appears that Hilton is trying to prove she has changed a lot since her role in Fox’s “The Simple Life” with best friend Nicole Richie. The heiress, who is also apparently a singer/actress/model/fashion designer (who knew?) is obviously a grown-up now, struggling with grown up problems like defining the term “hook up” and getting trapped in an elevator.

While the show might end up being a guilty pleasure (who doesn’t love to hate Paris Hilton?), you’re better off never, ever admitting you’ve seen it.

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