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Three prompts, two days, one film.

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blog by Emily Stoll  • 

Okay, show of hands: who knows how long it takes to make a movie? For a short film, you’re probably looking at months—considering script writing, casting, filming, special effects and Lord knows what else—but what if someone could make a film in just two sleepless days? It can and has been done for the annual 48 Hour Film Challenge.

Nineteen local teams of filmmakers met on Friday to receive three prompts—the character Bob or Bobbi West the babysitter, the prop of flip-flops and the line of dialogue “I have a funny feeling about this.” Each was also assigned a random genre, and then the fun and work began as teams rushed about trying to complete their films by 7:30 p.m. Sunday. Each four to seven minute film made for the Buffalo challenge will be screened Wednesday or Thursday from 7 to 10 p.m. at Dipson Market Arcade Film and Arts Centre, 639 Main St., Buffalo. Local judges will decide which films are the best and pick one to send to national level.

The films have been divided into two groups for screening. On Wednesday, the challenge will screen submissions by:

- Biffco/Canisius Video Institute, Garrett Weinholtz
- Fat Lady Sings Production, Ryan Doyle
- Hate This Team, David Jackson
- I.N.I.T.I.A.L. Pictures, Anthony Vitello
- Kunala, Susan Byrne
- Man Alive! Films, David Flanagan
- Ma’s Meatloaf, Jake Albarella
- Ollagnod, Don Gallo
- Permanent Inkers, Nicholas Limina
- Western New York Filmworks, Jay Mager

Submissions screened on Thursday will be:

- Avenue Now, Bennett Solowski
- Beers to You, Eric Beutel
- Fuzzy Logic Inc, Stephen Howe
- Idle Entertainment, Matthew Lorentz
- Legit Coconut, Sean Krueger
- Madcap Horse Productions, Mario Ayoub
- Point and Shoot, Dave Lesinski
- Rad Dad, Denny Kremblas
- Three Pint Productions, BoB Potozniak
- Traffic, Mark Dellas

The 48 Hour Film Project coordinated similar challenges in 80 cities on five continents last year, with almost 40,000 filmmakers and 3,000 films. The idea originated in May 2001 when Mark Ruppert decided to compress film creation into just 48 hours. After he and his co-founder, Liz Langston, found success, they began spreading the opportunity around and have now started more than 300 competitions around the world. Though the time restraints are difficult to work with, the project’s website says it can also be “liberating by putting an emphasis on ‘doing’ instead of ‘talking.’” Soon, you should be able to check out what the filmmakers were thinking on their blog.

If you’re a film-maker who missed this year, you can keep an eye on the newsletter and join next time.

For more information on the 48 Hour Film Project, visit their website.

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