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Tokyo Police Club: Cooler than You Think

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Canadian indie rock band Tokyo Police Club returns to Buffalo Saturday in support of their critically acclaimed and second full-length album, Champ. Buffalo.com caught up with drummer Greg Alsop to chat about the band’s success, live shows, and the Jonas Brothers.

A lot has happened for your band in what seems like a short amount of time. Your show on Saturday sold out fast. How does it feel?

We just announced the show a couple of weeks ago. It’s good to know that people want to come out and see us even at a moments notice and that we have a lasting crowd in Buffalo. We’ll have to come back again.

We’ve been doing this professionally now for about five years so to us it doesn’t feel like a short amount of time. We’re grateful that there has been progress over our entire career. We’ve never really reached a point where things have stagnated and the momentum has dropped off. So that’s kind of amazing to know that we’re putting in the work and we’re actually seeing benefits from it.

You started working on Champ when you were touring with Weezer and have said that that influenced the album. Do you have any current influences?

We haven’t really started writing for our new record yet so we’ll see who we start drawing from once we start in the next month or two. You don’t have to rely on other bands to form your style as much as you do when you’re first starting out. Songwriting is a process of stealing then. You’ll take from anything that you can and reinterpret it as your own. I’m glad we don’t have to steal quite as much anymore.

What can someone that hasn’t seen you guys play live before expect from a Tokyo Police Club show?

A lot of hand clapping, that’s still prominent. In our last show in Buffalo we asked people to clap along with us quite a bit. Sometimes it feels like every other song. We definitely interact with the crowd and have a conversation going between us. It’s a way to engage the crowd beyond just music, to let some of our personality in. Who we are as a band shines through so people have that personal experience and we enjoy it as well.

Have you ever been mistaken for a Jonas Brother?

Actually, yes. Josh, Graham and I were walking on Manhattan Beach in Los Angeles a couple of years ago and this kid ran in front of us. He said, “Oh my God, are you guys the….” and then his face fell and he said “Oh, nevermind. You’re not the Jonas’” and walked off dejected. So we were, from behind, once, mistaken as the Jonas Brothers. We felt great about ourselves for the rest of the day. As long as people never see our faces we can get into any exclusive LA party.  We’ll put some bandanas over our faces and say that we’re all sick or working on a new mysterious image.

———-Deandra Modica, S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications

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