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‘Accent tag’ videos highlight Buffalonians’ speech - VIDEOS

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Travel Channel International zooms in on upstate New York

Photo from Niagara Tourism and Convention Corp's Twitter feed.

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Update: Our friend Karen over at Visit Buffalo Niagara confirmed via Twitter the Buffalo locations visited by the Travel Chanel crew: Anchor Bar, Pierce Arrow Museum, Colored Musicians, The Place and Vera Pizzeria.


For anyone who’s traveled abroad, you know the confused look in locals’ eyes when trying to explain that Buffalo is hundreds of miles away from New York City.

Travel Channel International is putting in some serious time and effort to clear up some of that confusion by highlighting lesser-known upstate cities and municipalities, including places in Western New York. The new show, “American Times,” is hosted by New Zealand native Julian Hanton.

“Most people in the world, when they think of New York, they think, ‘oh, the city,’ but there’s actually a lot more to it than that,” Hanton told the Batavian during his visit to Batavia diner the Pok-A-Dot.

Hanton and his UK camera crew visited the Rochester Public Market over the weekend, YNN Rochester reports.

Market director Jim Farr explained that the shows producers “caught up on our press release from a couple years ago when we were voted America’s favorite farmers market. So they figured here would be a good place to come and see what upstate New York is all about.”

According to the Rochester Business Journal, the TV crew also hit up other nearby locations, including the city’s Dinosaur BBQ restaurant.

The Niagara Tourism and Convention Corp. tweeted about the show’s visit to Niagara Falls on Thursday:
Niagara tweet

Did you see the film crew out and about in Buffalo?

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