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Standup comic Matt Bergman blames it on his OCD tendencies, but he just can’t bring himself to follow more than 40 people on Twitter.

So, as you might imagine, his highly edited list of people whom he follows is exclusive. He doesn’t just follow any schmuck who promises to follow back. Among the folks he follows are some of his favorite local and national comedians.

“Everybody comes across as themselves. Twitter is who they are in person,” Bergman said of the comics on his “following” list. “Some of them do an even better job of who they are on Twitter.”

When asked to list his favorite people to follow on Twitter, Bergman was happy to help us out. He listed a bunch of local comedians, some athletes, Buffalo celebs and more. Here’s the list, along with Bergman’s reasoning behind their inclusion on said list:

@_DanFisher ... because he works for WGR, is a comic, and is dreamy.
@J_Potter ... because I enjoy potheads who have panic attacks about being near pretty girls.
@Jamesradio ... because he would cry if I didn’t follow him. I also did a live comedy DVD with him that’s now out on Goodcharamel Records.
@Jamielissow ... because he is hilarious and pretty much from Buffalo (grew up in Rochester). He’s been on “The Tonight Show” and “Comedy Central Presents.” He’s a favorite of all Buffalo comics.
@BeckerComedy ... because I enjoy knowing she could snap at anytime when someone says somehting stupid, and I enjoy social media drama.
@Gregorybauch ... because I love his blogs about “The Bachelor.”
@AndyPitz ... a Buffalo native who has been on “The Late Show with David Letterman.” Local comics love him.
@RobbyTakac ... not a comic but executive produced my first DVD and does nothing but great things for the arts in Buffalo.
@iamcolinquinn ... he just pisses idiots off. It’s great.

I enjoy these guys from the Buffalo Bills as well:


Follow Bergman on Twitter, too. It’s only right.

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