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Wallenda reality show postponed - VIDEOS

Photo courtesy of Flickr / dpape

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When Wallenda walked the wire over Niagara Falls last month, viewers learned that the Science Channel would air a reality show documenting the process leading up to the falls stunt.

Scheduled to debut Monday night, “Nik Wallenda: Beyond Niagara”—also known as “Danger by Design” and “Life on the Wire”—did not air as planned.

Wallenda tweeted yesterday:

Wallenda tweet

“There was really no marketing done on it, and it went through three name changes, so it’s really not that surprising,” Wallenda said in a Herald-Tribune interview. “So it’s been put on hold for now, but it’s been picking up a lot of energy overseas, so we’ll see what happens with that.”

He added that he’s waiting to get started on another big-time walk to air on ABC—this time, he will attempt to scale the Grand Canyon.


Photo courtesy of Flickr / dpape.

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