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Weezy Backs the Pack

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Hip-hop sensation Lil Wayne, in response to Wiz Khalifa’s catchy tune “Black and Yellow,” released a clever retort called “Green and Yellow” to show his support of the Green Pay Packers in Super Bowl XLV.  Hailing from Pittsburgh, Khalifa had the foresight - or the sheer luck - of aligning his early September single with the Steelers’ Championship run, but he doesn’t directly reference football in his lyrics.

Weezy goes all-out on his football references, however, including Aaron Rodgers’ dominance, Big Ben’s boorish nature, Ike Taylor’s burn-ability, and the potential shearing of Troy Polamalu’s poofy mane.  “Pittsburgh Steelers - that’s nothing; Super Bowl ring - that’s stuntin’,” Weezy wheezes.

It could be just me, but it’s still a tad awkward hearing “Cheese-head” in a rap song.  Steelers fans are up in arms over Lil Wayne’s blatant copying of Khalifa’s record, but the Buffalo-bound artist (March 18th, HSBC Arena) doesn’t remotely care.


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