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Welcome to Buff Town USA: Sean Price to perform at Duke’s

Sean Price is a legend.

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When you think of the great Brooklyn rappers of the 1990s, a few obvious names jump to mind—Jay-Z famously grew up in the Marcy Houses in Bed-Stuy. Biggie Smalls was born and raised in nearby Clinton Hill. Nas came of age in the heart of the borough in Crown Heights. If you wanted to make a list of commercially successful East Coast hip-hop artists who changed the course of the genre over the last 20 years, these three have to be in your top five.

Sean Price never sold as many albums as Chris Wallace or showed up on the cover of Rolling Stone like Shawn Carter. Price, however, was an integral voice in some of the most respected hip-hop collaboratives to come out of Brooklyn in the 1990s. His influence—as evidenced by his recent work with Statik Selektah and Mac Miller—continues to be felt throughout the rap world.

The former Heltah Skeltah and Boot Camp Clik member whose 2012 solo album, Mic Tyson, reached the Billboard Indie Charts’ top 10, will perform at 10 p.m. tonight at Duke’s Bohemian Grove Bar (253 Allen St., Buffalo) in Allentown. Tickets are $10. Buffalo’s own Mad Dukez, Kool Taj, DJ Lopro and Camaican Sensation are also on the bill.


Brash and unbroken by years in the industry and sporting a lyrical chip on his shoulder the size of a VW bus, Price summed up what fans can expect out of him in a 2012 interview with ihiphop.com:

They can expect Sean Price—you know what I mean? The way I am is the way I am… I talk my bullsh*t, and I find a nice beat, and say the most stupid sh*t I can say on a record…Then after that, I’ll make another one the same way…Then I compile enough of that bullsh*t to make an album, you know what I mean?

Price isn’t quite giving himself enough credit—perhaps a better explanation of the rapper once known as Ruck comes from the hiphopdx.com four-star review of Mic Tyson, which notes that “...Over the past several years…Sean Price has created an almost mythological rap persona in the best way. He manages to shift between a purposely sloppy, raw delivery to surgical rhymes seamlessly, which accentuates each style all the more. He is living proof that ‘old school’ concepts can exist and sound fresh in 2012. It’s a matter of execution, and in that regard, fans will have little to complain about.”



“Hard punches, outrageous brags, menacing stature, and of course, the trademark lisp,” allhiphip.com remarked. “These are the traits that made Brooklyn, New York’s Mike Tyson one of the most electric personalities in recent memory. And Sean Price’s Mic Tyson embodies all of it.”

Perhaps Price explains who he is best in his track ‘STFU 2:’ “Listen, all I do is rap and rhyme / I don’t know today’s math, don’t keep track of time / Universal beatdown, beat down the universe / Sean P., a.k.a you the worst / best rapper, the worst rapper, the scared crapper, the purse snatcher, the neck snapper, the herb slapper / The Shabazz Sean / the opposite of a f*cking Duran Duran song.”

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  1. Andre Allen June 09, 2013 @ 5:37pm

    Nas is from Queensbridge.

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    Apparently he’s lived in both.

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  3. Saya Erwin June 16, 2013 @ 3:20pm

    wow awesome.
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