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Where in the world is Stacy Clark?

The lovely and talented Stacy Clark.

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We at Buffalo.com are unabashed in our enthusiasm for Stacy Clark.  Well, it’s mostly me.  She’s good, what can I say?  And the fact that she was once the captain of the Buffalo State women’s soccer team is fantastic.

Anyhow: Clark, a Grand Island expat who is working her way through the channels of the music industry from her new home base in California, is on the road right now.  She will perform at the Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls on Friday, Oct. 14, so mark that date down, music fans.  I SAID MARK IT.

Ms. C has been on the road of late, and she recently sent out an email update to friends, fans and followers:

“Thanks to my great fans and friends I had a great 21 day tour out to Chicago and back this past month. It was very hot weather! Up to 125 in Louisville, Ky. I thought my face was going to melt off my face. Of course I would chose the dates that have record highs! It still was an amazing trip. Tour ended with an a great residency with my band at the Cosmo in Las Vegas which really was the best experience. The hotel and staff there far exceeded any prior Las Vegas experience I ever had. I highly recommend checking that hotel out if you ever find yourself out that way.”

Well, there you go.  Remember that next time you’re in Sin City.  The bigger news, however, is that Stacy Clark has a new project in the works:

“I just spent the past few days up in Portland, OR working on some new music for a new band I am in called “Colorfield”. The music is a lot different from my solo material and I am so excited to share it with you in the upcoming month. It will be posted here: http://www.facebook.com/ColorField#!/pages/Colorfield.”

Colorfield is apparently influenced by the concept of modern, abstract expressionism through music and sees legendary painter Mark Rothko as a muse.  This could go one of two ways, frankly, and it will be interesting to see if SC and her buddies pull this one off.

If you want to see Stacy perform live, you can do so from your own couch, fatso.  She notes: “I will be performing a show at Stage It this Tuesday! Stage it is a platform where artists can do concerts from the comfort of there own home. This one I am actually doing at there headquarters in LA so its quite exciting. There are only 18 tickets left. You can name your own price starting at $3 to view the concert and interact with me. The show starts at 7pm PST Tuesday. more info is at www.stageit.com I will be taking song requests :)”

I just got mine, beotches, so there are actually only 14 left now (the email is a day old or so).  If you’re interested, get on it.

She wraps up her missive with a link to her new video for “Matter of Time,” so I shall end this post / mash note with the same:






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