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Buffalo Without Borders at Asbury Hall

by Nate LaFrance  • 

Buffalo Without Borders filled Asbury Hall at Babeville Thursday evening. Guests were welcomed by Eva Hassett, Executive Director of the International Institute of Buffalo. After a Monk's Blessing, dance performances entertained attendees while they sampled ethnic food and wine. Crafts for sale from the West Side Bazaar were a huge hit, along with henna designs that were truly breathtaking. A video made about the International Institute of Buffalo was shown, offering guests a sample of the benefits the organization provides to the Buffalo community. The event was a huge success, offering community members the chance to experience new food and entertainment while benefiting an organization dedicated to helping immigrants and refugees in Buffalo.

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  1. Erin Kelly November 07, 2011 @ 12:28pm

    We bought earrings, got henna tattoos, ate and drank deliciously, chatted with the like-minded, met our newest city dwellers - a really fine time.

    Erin Kelly's avatar