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Cut/Copy at Town Ballroom

by Erica Morano  • 

I don't go to anywhere nearly as many concerts as I used to when I was younger. Now, at the brittle age of 34, I have fallen into a depressingly predictable pattern: I will see that a band I like is coming to Buffalo and I will get anxiously excited about seeing the show until the actual day of the performance, at which point I will talk myself out of going. Too tired!, I tell myself. Too busy with work! Don't want to be out late! Don't want to drink too much! And then I am home at 9:30 p.m., sitting around in my pajamas, face full of ice cream, furious that I missed another show.

I felt it happening on Thursday. I was booked for the Cut/Copy + Washed Out show and I had been anticipating this one for a few weeks -- I went through a pretty strong Washed Out phase mid-summer this year and I've been into Cut/Copy, more or less, for about five years, courtesy of the great www.3wk.com -- but on the day of, I was debating whether or not to go. I had a six-pack in the fridge, work had been a bear all week and I had early morning meetings on Friday. I could skip it...but I couldn't. I said I would go, arrangements had been made on my behalf, and I didn't want to be a chump.

I am so glad I went. Cut/Copy's performance at Town Ballroom in the heart of Buffalo's Theatre District was phenomenal. I'm not going to try and smoke you on the details, like "names of songs," because I never remember that stuff anymore (although if you want a more technically sophisticated review of the show, feel free to check out the great Mac McGuire's writeup over at BuffaBLOG -- www.buffablog.com). I can, however, tell you this: Cut/Copy is tight as hell live. It would not be difficult for Cut/Copy to be a classic good-record, bad-live band -- there's a lot going on musically in every Cut/Copy track, something that is often difficult to replicate with any kind of efficiency onstage. Cut/Copy, to the band's enduring credit, puts on an amazing live show that is fueled not so much by their pseudo-dramatic Aussie stage posturing (although they are really good at that, especially lead singer / keyboardist Dan Whitford, who has the electro arm extension down cold) but by the stellar musicianship of the band. While Whitford clearly deserves serious credit for his icy cool stage demeanor, the secret weapons are the rhythm section of bassist Ben Browning and Mitchell Scott, who kept the music pulsing along throughout the evening. The crowd loved it -- the room never stopped moving, even when a minor scuffle broke out in the section stage right where I was standing -- the dancers simply grooved over to the fight and had it broken up and calmed down before security could even arrive. That's the kind of love that Cut/Copy had in the air . Come back again sometime, guys.

Text by Ben Kirst
Photos by Erica Morano

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  1. Dennise Rodriguez September 16, 2011 @ 10:39am

    This was a GREAT show last night. Cut/Copy did not disappoint!

    Dennise Rodriguez's avatar
  2. Sophia Smith September 17, 2011 @ 10:24am

    Sounds like I missed a really good show!

    Sophia Smith's avatar