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Prom of the Dead 2012 - PHOTOS

by Cody Osborne  • 

Torn Space Theater did it again! This year's Prom of the Dead was one Halloween party for the history books. The Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center on Genesee Street played host to the 2012 Prom of the Dead. "My Coney Island Baby" was the theme portrayed throughout this dark night. The place sounded like a carnival, looked like a carnival (with a side of the Walking Dead) and even tasted like a carnival.

Most of the dead all joined here on Saturday night to dance the night away to creepy tunes, drink away their sorrows and stuff their faces full of that delicious carnival cotton candy. What carnival would be complete without a freak show? You better believe even the freaks made it out to the ballroom at the Dnipro Ukrainian Cultural Center for this extravaganza.

If you happen to miss out on all the action Saturday night just take a quick glance through our gallery and see exactly what Prom of the Dead 2012 looked, tasted, and felt like.

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