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Grabbitz track featured on Jokke Sommer’s Wingsuit clip - VIDEO

Over the last 15 years, wingsuit flying has exploded in popularity—just check out the several million YouTube views that wingsuit stars have garnered—and the thrill of watching daredevils leap from a plane, bobbing and weaving at speeds approaching 140 miles per hour through beautiful yet dangerous terrain is even more epic with the right accompanying music.

Buffalo producer-rapper Nick Chiari, more commonly known as Grabbitz, was contacted last October by Norwegian wingsuit pioneer Jokke Sommer for permission to use a remix of “Handle Yourself,” a Grabbitz-produced electronic track, in Sommer’s most recent video (see above, beginning 10:39), “Dream Lines IV”, a collaboration with Ludovic Woerth.

“When I emailed [Sommer], I found out that a fan of his had actually submitted my music, suggesting he use one of my songs to jump to, and it all went from there,” Grabbitz explained in an email.

While Grabbitz’s initial production of “Handle Yourself” was harder and more bass-y in nature (listen to the SoundCloud below), Sommer requested a few adjustments to lighten the mood of the song.

“I altered some of the bass synths and added some piano to the drop,” the multi-talented producer said. “Also, he wanted the track extended to five minutes, so I elongated the middle portion, adding some cool cinematic elements. The sub-woofers are still going to take a beating with the altered track, but it’s just a little less grimy.”

Grabbitz was thrilled to have “Handle Yourself” featured in such a trendy sport—one that’s rather absurdly difficult to become involved in from time, financial and bravery perspectives (wingsuits range from $1,000 and up, AFF skydiving courses, required before flying, cost around $3,000 and additional equipment will tack on another grand at least. Don’t even ask about the cost of a jet turbine engine rental.)

“What Jokke is doing is simply astonishing,” Grabbitz said. “Every time I go to his video, I still find myself watching all 16 minutes of it, and apparently, his million of fans are doing the same. He makes a living off of doing what he loves, and what can get better than that?”

After producing several of Chae Hawk’s tracks on “Dance Party for the Heavy-Hearted” and opening for multiple Thursday at the Harbor shows last summer, Grabbitz plans on releasing a free five-track EP on Feb. 18 called “Grave Escape,” a blend of house, dubstep and trap tracks.

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