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‘Lawrence Welk Show’ ruins Buffalo anthems

A Buzzfeed contributor posted a bad, bad "Lawrence Welk Show" rendition of "Bad, Bay Leroy Brown" over the weekend, and it brought back a wave of memories from my childhood.

My mom and I used to watch the show when I was really little, during the day when my older siblings were at school. I remember really liking the dancing bits because the dances looked so easy, like they involved little to no effort or talent at all -- and that sentiment, I later realized, is completely true.

Inspired by
the Buzzfeed post, I scanned YouTube to find videos from the show featuring songs of particular importance to Western New Yorkers. To my delight -- well, dismay, to be honest -- I found versions of "Buffalo Gals" and "Shuffle Off to Buffalo."

The "Buffalo Gals" version is a train wreck.

The "Shuffle Off to Buffalo" video isn't nearly as bad, probably due to the fact that there's no set choreography.

The SNL spoof the the "Lawrence Welk Show" is frighteningly accurate.

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