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Pan-Am Buffalo - VIDEOS

Buffalo's bygone era of wealth and prestige is one hard to imagine for those of us who lived through a lifetime of recession and Super Bowl losses. But imagine no more.

The videos below are from the
Library of Congress' YouTube archives.

Take a trip around the Pan-Am Expo in a boat:

Watch the streets turn into the City of Lights:

According to the official Pan-American Exposition guide (available in its entirety on Google):

"Situated as Buffalo is, the center from which radiate trunk lines to every point of the compass, it may safely be said to enjoy railway facilities possessed by no other city in the world; in the heart of the commercial continent, accessible by rail from all parts of the country, and in direct communication with the systems of the Great Lakes. Attractive in topography and ornate in every description of architecture, the Queen City of the Lake invites the world to come into her midst and be her guest from May first to November first, 1901."

Now that we've gone back in time with Buffalo, let's go back in time with Pitbull:

The video at the top of the page is a panorama view of the electric tower.

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