Eat It Up: Episode 46 – Chef DJ Cook (Sample)

Eat It Up: Episode 46 – Chef DJ Cook (Sample)

DJ Cook, a sous chef at Sample under Adam Goetz, talks Nickel City Firing Line and his path to culinary greatness.

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A couple of weeks ago Chef DJ Cook (from Sample Restaurant) won the second Nickel City Firing Line competition. I happened to be the judge for the event and had the chance to see (and taste) his culinary skills first hand. During the show I learned that DJ had cooked in some prestigious kitchens in NYC and realized that he’d probably be a pretty good podcast guest (I was very right).

So, a couple weeks ago DJ came down to the studio and talked about how he made his way into the kitchen, the pressure of working in NYC, differences in restaurant reviews from NYC to Buffalo and his Nickel City Firing Line competition.

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