Eat It Up: Episode 52 – Scotty Harris (Cooking In Theory)

Eat It Up: Episode 52 – Scotty Harris (Cooking In Theory)

Buffalo Eats' Donnie shifts from restauranteurs and event hosts to a knowledgeable blogger-cook.

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In the early days of Buffalo Eats, we had a couple of followers-fans that would comment on a lot of our posts. God bless them for sticking with us throughout the early posts with our horrible pictures and vague/naive reviews. Scotty Harris was one of those early fans and in the last year I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him and his blog Cooking In Theory and Practice. A former lawyer turned cook turned stay-at-home dad-blogger, Scotty came down to the studio to talk about his start in the kitchen, the reason he started his blog and his massive cookbook collection.

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