Buffalo Infringement Festival

Buffalo Infringement Festival

11 Days of Art Under the Radar. Artists. Musicians. Dancers. Actors. Performers. Poets. Writers. Activists.

The annual Buffalo Infringement Festival provides artists and audiences of all backgrounds the chance to come together, take chances, push boundaries, and explore uncharted territory because exciting art can happen anywhere, anytime, without a blockbuster budget or any budget at all, for that matter. It's all happening in the District of Allentown.

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Photo from Buffalo Infringement

When: Mon, Jul 30, 9:51 am – 9:51 am. Through August 5, 2012.

Where: Allentown (Buffalo)

Cost: Free

Upcoming Occurrences:

  • Tue, Jul 31, 9:51am
  • Wed, Aug 1, 9:51am
  • Thu, Aug 2, 9:51am
  • Fri, Aug 3, 9:51am
  • Sat, Aug 4, 9:51am
  • Sun, Aug 5, 9:51am
How to get there:
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