FTMP: Orca Team, Myron & The ID, Odiorne, & Great White Plains

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ORCA TEAM (from Seattle, Washington): Facebook Page

ORCA Team are going to be releasing their debut LP in the middle of June on Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records and they will be embarking on a tour headed east so they can fly out to the UK for the Indietracks Festival at the beginning of July.


Odiorne: Facebook Page

Odiorne initially began as a side project for original Mercury Rev member, Jimy Chambers, prior to his departure from the band in 1998. Combining elements of postpunk, jazz, and avant-experimentalism, Odiorne achieves a heady balance of sonic ferocity and melodic grace. Chambers is joined by Mike Bouquard on bass and field sounds manipulations and co-guitairst, vocalist, and synthesist, Kevin Corbett. Chambers credits as a songwriting contributor to Mercury Rev include the singles Something for Joey and the UK-charting Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp. A propulsive force in the band, Jimy played all the shows that gained the band its early recognition and took part in the legendary live Harmony Rockets performance at the Rhinecliff Hotel. With Odiorne, Jimy has traded in his duties as drummer and now fills the role as guitarist, keyboardist, and vocalist. Odiornes first full length, Heavy Wish, was released on File 13 Records (Matt Pond PA, Need New Body, The Silent League). Most of the tracks were recorded at Tarbox Road Studios under engineer and coproducer Bill Racine (Hopewell, Flaming Lips, Mates of State, Mercury Rev, Mogwai, Rogue Wave). The disc features guest arrangements and performances by Mercury Revs Jonathan Donahue and Anthony Molina, Jason Molina of Longwave, and Bill Racine.

Myron & The ID: Facebook Page

From Myron Directly. "Music has been a part of my life since I can remember, but in 1992, I thought it was just a phase. it was time to get 'serious' about life, so I started my graduate studies in electrical engineering. I didn't touch a guitar for 6 years, and the only singing I did was in my church choir. I was on the path to finishing my PhD, had a successful small business, but I was miserable! sipping a beer with my best friend Ihor, I came to the startling conclusion that what was missing was music! at that moment i made a few calls and started a band. little did I know where this was going to take me! the band got a few gigs, and I started to LIVE again, then Feb. 9, 2001, while i was playing a gig at Sportsman's Tavern, my kid brother Adrian, and my bud Ihor died in a car accident while traveling to Philadelphia .... i found out the next day, and that evening, lying in my brother's bed, i wrote "friends 4 ever". I made a promise to myself that night, that I would do everything that I could to get the song/story told on the radio. now I've come to the crossroads of getting ready to realize this dream/promise 6 years ago I got the music back. it was the best thing I could have done for myself, mentally/physically/spiritually! God has a plan for all of us, I just didn't see mine until now!"

Great White Plains: Facebook Page

Great White Plains began there musical journey in 2010 with Alex Feig and Corey Berger. Great White Plains released their debut album "HEAVY DOSE" in March of 2011 and the second album "Shining Light On Dark Shadows" in January of 2012. Corey stopped drumming for the duo before the release of the second album and Pete Zamniak has taken over the drumming duties. Also Ben Jones has joined forces with GWP to add some bumping low end with his bass skills

just $7 to get in!

Doors open at: 6:00pm
Tuesday, June 26th, 2012
at: Filigrees
1121 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY

Sponsored By: 91.3 FM WBNY, Buffalo's Original Alternative

When: Tue, Jun 26, 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm.

Where: Filigrees: 1121 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY

Cost: $$7