Sleigh Bells at Town Ballroom

Sleigh Bells

Boy works at restaurant. Girl eats at restaurant. In a nutshell that's pretty much how this unique collaboration began.

After meeting at a Brazilian restaurant in Brooklyn, Derek and Alexis formed Sleigh Bells. Now almost five years later, these two kids have made a name for themselves after traveling on tour. Amidst Derek's blown-out drum beats, fuzzed guitars and synth-pop sensibilities, Alexis balances each song with a voice that is both forceful and elegant. Check out the duo when they come to Buffalo on July 7 at Town Ballroom. Class Actress and Jel will open the show. Tickets available at Town Ballroom Box Office and Tickets.com.

Photo from Facebook/Sleigh Bells

When: Sat, Jul 7, 8:00 pm – 11:30 pm.

Where: Town Ballroom (Buffalo)

Cost: $20–24

How to get there:
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