Special art opening

Friday July 6 Special Art Opening: Nuestro Mundo Maya: Youthful Glimpses of the Guatemalan Highlands This exhibit features the work of three teenage photographers from villages around Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.  The work was produced during an introductory photography workshop designed to empower and inspire participants to explore their community, a collaborative endeavor between LA-based NGO Las Fotos Project and Guatemalan NGO Mayan Families. The workshop was facilitated by local photographer and youth worker Anna Miller. Also showing are the works of Dejuan Hunt II, a young Hispanic artist with expressions in various techniques and styles in abstract and contemporary designs. Opening reception 7pm. El Buen Amigo,114 Elmwood Ave, 885-6343, elbuenamigo.org (Tspecial art openinghrough July 30)

When: Fri, Jul 6, 7:00 pm – 4:09 pm.

Where: El Buen Amigo (Buffalo)

How to get there:
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