Special Concert Celebration at Club Infinity

Tirant Sin

Club Infinity hosts a concert to celebrate the wedding of Rob Barrett (Rob Aconda of Cannibal Corpse) and Irina Barrett.


Tirant Sin (reunion) with Rob Barrett, Dennis John Glinski, Rich Ziegler, Paul Mazurkiewicz, and Jim Nickles
Leviathan (reunion) with Rob Barrett, Jim Nickles, Ang LoCoco, Jason Blachowicz, and a guest vocalist
Manic Jasper (reunion) with Kevin Peace, Mike Valenti, and Bob Hall
Monarch (reunion) with Mike Przbyl, John Goss, Pete Noreika, and Jim Voelker
Vile Vindiction (current lineup) with special guest appearance from original bassist Steve Nigro
Axmen (reunion) with John Carey, Moe Marciano, Dave MacDonough, and Rock Rollain
Mad Posture (reunion) with John Goss, Steve Nigro, Mike Polito, Pete Noreika, and Jim Osieja
And: A very special cover band featuring Rob Barrett, Bret Hoffman, Kevin Peace, Jim Nickles, and Mike Valenti

When: Fri, Jan 11, 7:30 pm – 12:00 am.

Where: Club Infinity (Buffalo)

Cost: $12 advance -- $15 at the door

How to get there:
Driving directions / large map