The Mohawk Place’s Last Waltz

The Mohawk Place

The Mohawk Place hosts a Last Waltz. This two day event will be jam-packed with musical performers. Night one includes performances by Irving Klaws, Bobo, Wolf Tickets, Chosen Ones, Returners, TMMC, Trailer Park Tornadoes, White Whale, and Bensin. Night two contains performances by Girlpope, Chylde, Two Cow Garage, Handsome Jack, Johnny Nobody, The Old Sweethearts, Roger Bryan and The Orphans, Semi-Tough, On Beta, Failures Union, and Thermidors. Tickets are scarce but still available. Searching for tickets on multiple different ticket websites is the best way to snatch a last minute way in.

When: Fri, Jan 11, 7:00 pm – 12:00 am.

Where: Mohawk Place (Buffalo)

Cost: $27–42

How to get there:
Driving directions / large map