Velvet Elvis Release Show at The Mohawk Place

Velvet Elvis

Bow down to the musical stylings of the 1970s. With their own take on space rock, Velvet Elvis has invented a unique sound suitable for jamming out at a concert or chillin on your couch. See if you dig their distinct groove at the release show for their debut album "In Deep Time" at The Mohawk Place. "In Deep Time" Vinyl will include a full double sided insert, a download card with all tracks plus a bonus track, and a section of the analog tape used in the recording process.

Special guest performances by White Bison and The Fucking Hotlights.

Photo from Facebook/Velvet Elvis

When: Sat, Jun 9, 9:00 pm – 11:30 pm.

Where: Mohawk Place (Buffalo)

Cost: Free

How to get there:
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